Thursday, April 04, 2013


Friends, here's an initiative to help people in British Columbia vote in the coming May 14 election even if they don't have the usual ID or housing stability.  It's a great effort by the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.  I've posted it here with permission because they hadn't gotten it set up for social media yet.

Anyone familiar with the DTES knows that proper identification is one consistent barrier for many in our community. We also know that this is a significant barrier to acquisition of housing, establishing bank accounts, cashing cheques, even the most basic right to vote.

The majority of our community live in the margins, with very little ‘voice’ in society. What a privilege it is then as Service Providers in the DTES of Vancouver, to help aide and facilitate opportunities that empower our community. The upcoming election is one significant opportunity.

With the cooperation of a broad collective of DTES Service Providers and Elections BC, we have developed DTES Get Out the Vote OUTLINE docx. and editable deliverables that will assist YOU and others in the DTES community encourage, empower and facilitate our community vote.

Please share this communication and all deliverables as broadly as possible - this is for our DTES community.

Please reply with any feedback, questions or concerns you may have.

I am greatly encouraged by the support I have received from the community on this project. Thank you for all of your cooperation.



Jeffrey Baergen Community Engagement Coordinator
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